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 [1] Roleplaying Rules

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PostSubject: [1] Roleplaying Rules   Fri Jun 12, 2015 10:40 pm

Before you start roleplaying, there are some ground rules you need to cover starting with the basic roleplaying rules. Here you go.

  1. No God Modding - Okay really guys? What makes you think that you manipulate somebody? This can range from the smalles of details to a major battle. Here's an example:

    Joe: Joe was feeling sad.

    John: John could see that Joe was crying and went to comfort him.

    This is just a minor form of god modding. There could be many other kinds of situations but did you see Joe say that he was crying? Nope. John said he was. That is technically one form of god modding. Even if it's that little, it is not allowed.

  2. No Meta gaming - Meta gaming is the use of OOC (out of character) knowledge with your character basically meaning that your character knows information that you may have read in another post or something that he/she didn't experience IC (in character). For example, say Joe had a conversation with a ghost. John entered a topic with Joe and talked about how he heard what the conversation was about. This is meta gaming. Here's another example. You take the information on the character's character sheet and/or profile and instantly make your character know that information without your character IC getting it from somebody.

  3. No Auto-Hitting - Auto-hitting is similar to god modding. Lets use Joe and John as examples again.

    Joe: Joe thrusts his right fist forwards.

    John: Blocks Joe's punch and instantly kicks Joe in the shin so quick that he can't react.

    John said that he instantly hit Joe not even giving Joe a chance to react. Now, it's okay to say that you threw a punch which was followed by a kick. It's fine to assume tha your hit made contact. However, just make sure that you don't say anywhere in the post that your hit made contact.

  4. Chronological Order - All information received is in chronological order. Say topic A happened first. Then you go post in topic B. Topic A happened first right? So it's okay to say in topic B what happened in topic A. However, anything that happens in topic B can't be mentioned in topic A.
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[1] Roleplaying Rules
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